Photography & Marketing

Carola Hölting

Main Focus


Carola works as a professional theatre photographer with a special focus on dance since 1993.

Art Projects

These projects focus own artistic works in the field of photography, video, installation and performance.

Marketing & PR

Since 2009, Carola works as a Marketing & PR consultant mainly for the Broadcast & Pro Audio business.

About Me

„As someone with a long background in photography, video and marketing, I’ve always believed that creativity doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to the classic fields of content creation and artistic work, but also should have a legitimate place in the business sector. I am convinced that creativity and business can complement each other perfectly with a great benefit for both sides.

That’s why I believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and experience. As a passionate technology fan, I am always interested in new technologies and what kind of opportunities they can bring for me and my customers.“

Portfolio Teaser

Here is a first impression of my photographic work. You can find more information, subjects and photos under the »Portfolio menu item.

Get in touch

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