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Trainer - Lecturer



since 2002: Trainer and Lecturer for Photography/Digital Imaging/Video


In the years 2002 and 2003 Carola Hölting initiated several video workshops as part of her employment at the University of Ulm. Since 2004 she is working as a lecturer for digital photography, digital imaging, digital video and video editing at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Corporate State University in Heidenheim. Her trainings are also booked by press and public departments and free photo groups.





Basics of digital photography

The digital SLR camera, the correct exposure (aperture, shutter speed, sensitivity), the depth of field, focal length and maximum aperture of lenses, manual settings, full and semi-automatic settings, white balance, storage formats, picture composition, lighting, image rights



Basics of digital imaging with Adobe Photoshop

Color depth, color space, basics of color mixing (RGB and CMYK), units for resolution, resolution units, image optimization (levels, curves, color correction, retouching, working with layers and masks, the correct output size, sharpen), storage formats, preparation for printing



Bascis of digital video

Camera technology, exposure, white balance, zoom, field size, sound, image design



Basics video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

Introduction editing program, hard cut vs. transition, keyframe editing, multi-layer compositing, color correction and effects, working with titles, export and encoding settings



Basics of Adobe Encore

Encoding for DVD, DVD menus, DVD creation